Funny 21st Birthday Messages

Funny 21st Birthday Messages

Funny 21st Birthday Messages

How can you describe a 21-year-old? 

They’re a sort of lanky, yobbish thing often found boozing, having drunken sex, and doing all sorts of uncouth activities like crossing on red, not holding doors open and mooning at local priests.

They’re probably not all like that though, I’ll have to check but they do all have one thing in common and that is a 21st Birthday. And with this milestone comes a 21st Birthday card and the quandary of what exactly to write inside them.

I am here to help you spice up those cards with our list of funny 21st birthday messages to offend or amuse the lucky man or woman celebrating their special day this year.

21st Birthday Wish Life
Now you’re 21, life’s about to get very good. If your bar is set extremely low.​​

Funny 21st Birthday Quotes

Happy 21st Birthday. You’ve been causing chaos since 2001.


You’re 21 years old. Congratulations on your continued existence.


You’ve got four years until you’d be in the old person category on X factor.


If it was ever up for doubt, your youth has definitely expired.


You’re now older, wiser and more mature. Well, you’re older at least.


21 years of age. Here’s to ending up hungover and sick in bed after work has drained every ounce of energy from your body.


Does anybody know any good looking 21 year olds having a birthday today? Because I don’t. (1st)


Here’s to getting ducking frunk on your birthday and making a tassive mit out of yourself.

Gay Crisis 21st Birthday Quotes
Happy 21st Birthday to someone having a ‘proper full-on gay crisis.’​​

You’ve burst out of the womb, burst out of the closet, and burst into your 21st birthday. Have an amazing day.


Just think, in another 21 years you might actually have developed some maturity.


21 years ago, a film about a little specky orphan made a few quid. Oh, and you were born.


Happy 21st Birthday, time to get so off your face you vomit up a little bit of kidney.  


I raised you to 21 without letting you die!


Just in case you’re too hungover to realise, today’s your 21st Birthday.


I heard it’s a big birthday this year so I got you this folded piece of card. Make sure you open it nice and wide, there’s no money in it.


 Happy 21st Birthday, it takes guts to step out into the world with that face.


20 + 1 = an irresponsible young adult.


Danger! You’re now hurtling at full speed toward your thirties.


Happy 21st Birthday to my favourite useless clump of cells.


You’ve orbited the sun 21 times. Now you’ll be orbiting the sun 7 days a week with all the booze you’ll be glugging down your neck. 


Happy 21st. It’s times like these that I’m reminded why you’re so special. Because you make me look like the attractive friend. 


Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein when she was 21, a book about a horrifying, zombie-like creature much feared in the community. So, a bit like you after a hangover.  


At 20 years old, Bill Gates founded Microsoft, at 21 years old you’ve… done some things as well probably. 


Now you’re 21, life’s about to get very good. If your bar is set extremely low.


Let’s say cheers to 21 years. Cheers to beers and cheers to existential fears. 


Happy 21st, I lose track of what gen you are.


May your 21st birthday party be so wild that daylight stings your eyes for the next week. 

Try and remember how proud I am of you turning 21. Because I’m probably not going to be as proud tomorrow morning. 

Funny 21st Birthday Messages For Boys (Or Men)

Happy 21st Birthday. Pelé had won the World Cup by this age. You can’t even tie the laces on your football boots. 


7,665 days of living with an absolute calamity. Happy 21st Birthday son.


Happy 21st to a special son, only a mom as awesome as me could have birthed someone as awesome as you.


21 years old but you’ll always be Mommies little boy. Unless you get a girl pregnant, then you’re on your own.

Fast Sperm 21st Quote
Happy 21st Birthday son from dad. You’d be nothing without my fast sperm.​​

Happy 21st from your dad, I’m apologising now for all of my bad habits you’ll soon start picking up.


Happy 21st Birthday to my idiot brother.


Happy 21st Birthday Bro. My little brother’s growing up but your brain doesn’t seem to be.


 Happy 21st to my favourite gay, I hope you have a super day.


Your 21st birthday is sounding pretty gay. I’m in.

Funny 21st Birthday Quotes For Girls (Or Women)

Happy 21st birthday bestie. Try not to go arse over tit at your birthday bash.


Happy 21st birthday to my best friend. You’re my favourite totally unstable female.


Happy 21st birthday from Dad to the biggest diva I know.


Happy 21st Birthday to a special daughter. I’m so proud that you’ve turned from a child into a slightly taller child.


Today’s the day you thank your mother for giving you all the good genes.


Happy Birthday Sis. Girl power is battling through a hangover after their 21st.

21st Sister Quote
Happy 21st birthday sister. You’re an inspiration. Not many people can pull off looking this tragic at 21.​​

You demand special treatment every other day of the year so I don’t see why your 21st is going to be any different.


Beautiful, looks like a princess, sparkling personality and the one sending you this card. Happy 21st. 


Happy 21st Birthday. In lesbian years you’re about 57.


Read all about it, it’s your 21st, my little lesbian thespian.

Rude 21st Birthday Messages

Those birthday candles aren’t the only thing you’ll be blowing tonight. That’ll be your bank balance on all the rounds we’re going to get you to buy.


Happy 21st Birthday, here’s to getting very drunk, very horny and regretting everything in the morning.


Happy 21st Birthday! Here’s to being young, fun, and full of c-ompliments to your parents for raising you right.

Rude 21st Birthday Quote
21 years ago, you had bits of after-birth on your face.​​

Happy 21st Birthday to my favourite lesbian. Going meat-free since 2001.


Your ball sack is over two decades old.


Happy 21st to the biggest bell end with the biggest bell end.

Funny 21st Birthday Poems

You’re older and wiser and winning at life, we’re proud of you for never giving us strife. But parents will nag and work has begun as they try to tell you your childhood is done. Now life will be stressful and life will be wild but never forget, deep down you’re a child.


Adulthood sounds stressful and can seem like a bore, your parents will tell you to slow down and mature. But ignore you dad and ignore your mum, 21’s a time for a huge load of fun.


It’s your 21st and so I’ve been told, it seems you’re getting a little bit old. Another year older and my hands started to ache, putting all of those candles on top of your cake.


It’s your 21st birthday, give us a cheer, it’s time to go wild and down pints of beer. You’re going to be merry; you’re going to be sick but most of all you’re going to be an absolute prick.

I hope this has sparked your creative juices and provided you with plenty of ideas for 21st Birthday messages. 

And if not, it’s passed a few minutes hasn’t it? We’re all friends here.

While we have you here though, why not have a little browse of some of our funny 21st Birthday cards

We have a wide range available and you’re sure to find something you’ll love. 

Thanks for stopping by and indulging our nonsense, we wish you a very fine day.

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