Happy Birthday Big Sister

Happy Birthday Big Sister

Happy Birthday Big Sister

She’s the one who understands you, because she’s been in your shoes before, she’ll keep your secrets (for a price!) and no matter what, will always be there to annoy you for the rest of your days.

But that’s the great thing about having a big sister - you’ve never known a life without them, they have been there through every stage of your life whether you’ve liked it or not. 

They’re full of great advice whenever you need it, they’re your shoulder to lean on when times get tough and – let’s face it there is no “best friend” quite like them because they are the ones who truly understand you.

So, for her birthday, here’s some happy birthday big sister quotes that you can include in her card to let her know she’s truly one-of-a-kind!

Happy Birthday Big Sister Evil Quote
 Growing up I’m starting to realise you’re not as half as evil as I thought you were​​

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes Older Sister

Thanks for being the only one who gets to annoy me – and for fighting my corner if anyone else tries to!

You may be older than me Sis – but I will always be taller than you!

Growing up I’m starting to realise you’re not as half as evil as I thought you were 

Happy Birthday to my Big Sis, someone who’s kind and special …and still has my phone charger! Happy Birthday (p.s. give it back!)

Happy Birthday Sister – don’t worry, at least mum and dad got it right with me! Thanks for making me look like the golden child!

Dearest big sis, I hope the music is as loud and annoying as you, the cake is as big as your mouth and the celebrations are just as obnoxious as you are!

Happy Birthday to my big sister, today you are a legend, tomorrow you are back to just being annoying

I think being related to me is really the only gift you need!

Growing Up With A Sister

Growing up with a sister like you meant I always had a friend to talk to, someone I could share good news with and keep all my secrets, but most of all, just feel lucky to have someone like you in my life

When so many of my happy childhood memories include you, sis, that’s when I know I have the greatest big sister I could ever ask for

Through the years, we may not have always seen eye to eye, we may have had arguments and annoyed each other relentlessly, but in the moments that truly mattered you were always there for me and I’ll always be grateful my big sister is you. Happy Birthday

You may not even have realised it, but growing up you were such a role model to me, because you made me believe that if you could do it, so could I, and without even trying you became my greatest teacher – Happy Birthday to the one who taught me best!

From laughter to tears to all the amazing things we’ve shared through the years; I can’t imagine what life would be like without you as a sister – and I hope your Birthday is as special as you are to me!

Best Friend Big Sister Birthday Wishes

A Sister is like an annoying friend you can’t get rid of, but you’re secretly glad you’re stuck with them anyway!

Whether it’s a family get-together or spending some time just you and me with a cuppa, I’ll always feel thankful for any time that we do share – because I get to say that my older sister is also my very best friend

Childhood Memories Big Sister Quote
From our side-by-side glances and the ways we communicate with simply a smile, our unspoken bond will always be the reason I treasure our friendship so much​​

You always understood me, sis, because you knew I would go through some of the same things you had; you picked me up whenever I felt sad, taught me how to handle things, but in my own way and always encouraged me and made me believe in myself. Big sisters truly make the best of friends, thank you for being one to me.

Faraway Older Sister Birthday Quotes

Side by side or miles apart, sisters will always be connected at heart

Thinking of you on your birthday and feeling so proud to know I have a wonderful big sister in my life who’s always been there and is only a phone call away, because no matter the distance, or how often we see each other, when we talk, it’s just like old times

Missing You Big Sister Quote
I’m missing you so much – but especially on your Birthday! I can’t wait to see you again soon and celebrate with a drink or two!​​

When I think of a sister like you, the first thing I think of is the love you have always shown me, even at a distance. And even though we’re not together on your birthday, I look forward to the day where we can laugh, chat and give each other the biggest hug! Wishing you the greatest Birthday

“A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost” ~ Even if I don’t get to see you on your birthday, I never feel sad – instead I just smile. Because you always carry a part of me wherever you go

Inspirational Older Sister Birthday Quotes

First, she’s your sister, and then your best friend!

Time may pass, but a sisterhood lasts

People may come and go but a sister and her wardrobe are for life

Friendship Sister Quote
The strongest kind of friendship comes from a big sister​​

A little “sister time” is good for the soul

If you’ve lost your smile, your sister will help find it again and if you’ve lost your courage, your sister will help you believe in yourself

If you don’t annoy your big sister every so often, she’ll think you don’t love her anymore!

Whatever your way of saying “I love you” from a little sister is, whether that be through sarcasm, a heartfelt birthday wish or even a funny message - you’re sure to find a happy birthday big sister message in this list to go alongside it!

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