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Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Sister

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Sister

She’s the one who annoys you the most when you’re young, but then grows up to be the friend you never saw coming.

She cheers you on, fights your corner, gives you brutal, honest advice and even after an argument, you know at the end of the day, there is no love quite like a sister’s love.

So how can you put into words how much you value having her in your life?

Luckily, her birthday card is the right place for soppiness, because even if you don’t say it often throughout the year, a special day like her birthday means you can afford to be all mushy and sentimental.

Here we’ve created a collection of heart touching birthday wishes for sister’s for you to craft your own personal send and say Happy Birthday Sister in a truly special way.

Forever Friends Sister Birthday Quote
Always my sister, forever my friend​​

Friendship Sister Birthday Wishes

Sisters truly make the best of friends; they are excellent secret-keepers and will always be your partner in crime! 

Whether it’s a birthday wish for your older sister or maybe younger why not talk about the special things you share to let her know how much her friendship means:

People say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend… …but those people never had a sister as fabulous as you!

I love how we can communicate with simply a look! You’re a sister who just “gets” me and I don’t know what I would do without you!

Having a sister means knowing you have a best friend for life!

Growing up we had our differences, but I knew you were always there - to stick up for me, to help me - you always showed you cared. There’s no one quite like you, you’re my sister ‘til the end, and how lucky I am I get to say that you’re my very best friend!

Even though we’re completely different, I’m so proud to have you for my sister because growing up I always had someone to lean on for support and to laugh with at the good times… and now that we’re older I love knowing you’re only a phone call away because even through busy times we will always make time for a catch-up. Thanks for being my lifelong friend sis!

Definition Of A Sister Meaningful Quotes

What is a sister? and how does she make your world better by being in it? An inspirational quote or simple explanation might just make the perfect birthday wish:

You can learn a lot from having a sister. How to follow your dreams and have fun along the way, how to keep going when the trail gets muddy and how to always be true to yourself. That’s why your birthday is a reflection of the incredible sister you are – and it’s going to be amazing just like you!

She’s the one you trust to keep your secrets, your instant message reply, your trip down memory lane, your ride or die and someone who loves you no matter what – Happy Birthday to my sister

When you have someone in your life more special than words, who holds a million of your favourite memories mixed with love and friendship, and knows just what to say or do to put a smile on your face... that person is a sister.

Don't Tell You Often Heartfelt Sister Quotes

Isn’t it weird how those closest to us seldom seem to hear how much we really love them? 

Whether it’s down to our own pride in not wanting to show vulnerability in front of a sibling or it’s the kind of love that simply goes unsaid, now’s your chance to get it off your chest:

Even if we argue one minute, then forget about it the next, I’m really lucky to have you for a sister because after all that is said and done, I know there is no one else I can be more honest with, share my feelings with and just have that unspoken bond that only exists between us

We may not see each other as often as we’d like, or hang out like we used to but when we do, it’s like nothing has changed between us. You mean so much to me, Sister, and on your birthday, I hope you know how much.

It’s just wonderful knowing we’ve had each other to travel down the road of life together, it’s amazing knowing wherever you are a little bit of home follows, but more than that, it’s special how we don’t have to say out loud how much of a blessing we are to each other, it just shows.

Say a lot with a little

Heartfelt Sister Quote Image
Legends run in our family, just look at us!​​

Any birthday wish you make, I hope it comes true because there’s no one in all the world like you!

May your glass always be topped up with fizz, your favourite songs keep playing as you dance the night away and you’re surrounded by those who love you and can’t wait to see you smile!

Birthdays are meant to be filled with sparkle and fabulousness – I guess that’s why yours are always the best!

Heartfelt with a pinch of humour

If you can’t laugh with your sister, who can you laugh with? 

If you prefer injecting a bit of humour into your sentiments, here are some funny birthday wishes for sister:

Sis, it’s your Birthday - do something that would’ve gotten us grounded!

Happy Birthday Sis – don’t worry I’ll also post it to Instagram as well as give you this card!

Happy Birthday Sis! Time to look fabulous and enjoy your day (and no – you still can’t raid my wardrobe for an outfit!)

Thank you for taking the time off social media long enough to read this card!

At least we’re the two normal ones in our family! Happy Birthday Sis!

Whatever relationship you have with your sister whether older or younger, her birthday is the perfect time to add to the memories you already have with each other, so turn your sister card into that perfect keepsake and make her day one to remember.

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