Happy Birthday Nephew Wishes

Birthday Wishes For Nephew

Birthday Wishes For Nephew

A nephew can be either the light of your life or the bane of your existence, there’s no in between. 

And this is good, it keeps you on your toes. 

Especially when they’re lost in the freezer section of a supermarket and you’re faced with the choice of leaving them with the peas and broccoli forever or being a responsible adult and getting the helpdesk to make an announcement.

You’ve opted to not leave them with the frozen veg however and now their birthday has arrived. 

If you’re like me and your brain is devoid of any creative ideas, you may be searching frantically for a nephew's birthday quote

Follow this handy guide however and I may be able to help you out.

Funny Nephew Birthday Wishes
Happy Birthday to the sponge of my corruptive influence.​​

Funny Nephew Birthday Wishes

I love you nephew, just not enough to put money in this card.


Happy birthday nephew, I was going to get a bigger card but I don’t actually like you that much.


To my little nephew from your occasional care giver, secret-keeper, and chief mischief maker.


Happy birthday nephew, you get all your awesomeness from me. And just a teeny bit of trouble making.


A nephew is a bit like an Alexa, I never asked for one, I didn’t want one but now you’re here I suppose you’re not too bad.


Happy birthday to my partner-in-crime nephew.


Happy Birthday nephew. As you grow older, I seem to be making you less and less wiser.

Happy birthday to an annoying nephew.


Happy birthday nephew I really wanted to make a joke about your age but if you’re getting older then it must mean I’m really ancient.


You’re an amazing nephew…when you’re back with your parents.


To my naughty nephew, I know I promised to be a responsible influence but…. sorry.


Happy Birthday to my awesome nephew, I’ve moulded you into the little rascal you were always meant to be. Just don’t tell your mom and dad.


There are so many words I could use to describe my nephew. But none of them are appropriate to write in a birthday card.

Sense Humour Nephew Birthday Quote
I was going to get you a funny nephew card but then I remembered you have no sense of humour.​​

I’m so proud of the young man my nephew is growing into. My other nephew.


Happy Birthday my naughty little nephew.


Being my nephew is the only gift you need.


Happy Birthday to the nephew I like more than my actual children.


Happy birthday to my crazy, hilarious, gorgeous nephew. Honestly, I don’t know where you get it from.

Happy Birthday Nephew From Uncle

Happy birthday from the coolest uncle on the planet.


Happy Birthday nephew from your Funcle. It’s like the cringe Dad of the uncle world.


I’m the broke uncle so there’s no cash in this. 


Happy Birthday Nephew. Uncle makes me sound old so from now on I’ll be referred to as señor fun times. 


From your Guncle, the fabulous gay uncle that can send you back at the end of the day. 


The fact that I’m your uncle means nothing to me but it should be the best birthday gift in the world for you.

Happy Birthday Nephew From Uncle
Cool uncles don’t send money, just vibes. Happy birthday little nephew.​​

Your favourite uncle wrote this card…and my least favourite nephew is reading it.


Today’s all about you but just remember who your favourite uncle is if you get any money.


Happy Birthday to a special nephew. I can’t believe I’m old enough to be an uncle.

Happy Birthday Nephew From Aunty

Happy birthday little nephew from the Aunty who knows all the gossip about your dad.


Happy birthday nephew from the sister of your father. Aunty makes me sound old.


Aunt you glad your aunt’s sending you this card? Yeh that was rubbish.


You make me the proudest Aunt in the world…when you don’t tell your parents all the ridiculousness we get up to.


Aunty – like a Mom but a lot cooler (and with less nagging).


Happy Birthday Nephew. It’s wine time with your favourite Aunty.


I love you, my little idiot nephew. From your even bigger idiot of an Aunty.

Nephew Birthday Quote From Aunty
I know you try to be good but with an aunt like me who can blame you for a little bit of mischief? ​​

We have the most perfect aunty/nephew relationship. I’m perfect and you’re my nephew.


Happy Birthday to the nephew I know will keep quiet about his naughty Aunty if he wants any money in his card.

Meaningful Nephew Birthday Quotes

Some days I can’t believe it’s true that I’ve got a nephew as cool as you.


Nephew you’re a cheeky little monkey but I wouldn’t have you any other way.


Happy birthday to an amazing nephew. I hope your day is just as special as you.


I’m a really lucky Aunt to end up with a nephew as special as you.

Special Nephew Birthday Quote
Happy birthday to my special nephew. You make me the proudest uncle on the planet.​​

Happy Birthday nephew, you make me proud each and every day.  


As your aunt and Uncle, we couldn’t ask for a better nephew. Happy a brilliant Birthday.

16th Birthday Wishes For Nephew

Happy 16th Birthday nephew, you get all the bad bits from your parents and all the good bits from me.


A 16-year-old nephew? Ew, how did that happen?


I was going to say your parents raised you to be an amazing 16-year-old but we both know it was me.


16 years of being an awesome nephew. An awesome, very annoying nephew.

If I haven’t trained you to be a responsible nephew in 16 years I may as well give up now.


I’m telling everyone you’re my brother, I don’t look old enough to have a 16-year-old nephew.


Happy Birthday nephew on your 16th. Tell your parents your uncle says drink lots and lots of beer today.

18th Birthday Wishes For Nephew

18? Warning! My nephew is officially a scary adult.


18 years of me being the coolest Uncle/Aunt on the planet


Happy 18th nephew, the older you get the older I feel.


To my nephew on his 18th, I’m proud of the completely responsible, not in any way corrupted by me adult you have turned into.

18th Birthday Quote For Nephew
Welcome to adulthood little nephew, it’s horrible isn’t it?​​

Happy 18th to my nephew. Who’s a respectable, well put together responsible adult? It’s me, the one sending the card.


Happy 18th Birthday to my nephew. If you can read this it’s because you’re awesome. If you can’t read this it’s because you’re drunk. 

Nephew Birthday Poems

The thing about having a nephew is I don’t have to watch what I say,

because when we’ve had our fun I send you back at the end of the day.

Your Mom and Dad will try to make you as respectable as can be,

but at the end of the day, we all know you get your awesomeness from me.


I’m such a proud old Aunty and I’m glad I get to say. That you’re my favourite nephew, each and every day.


We all know I’m your favourite uncle, that’s just par for the course,

As long as you don’t tell anyone about all the trouble that we cause,

But as long as we’re together, I’ll do my best to make you smile,

Because you’re the best nephew on this planet, by a humongous country mile.




There we have it, whether you’re after funny birthday wishes for a nephew, a happy birthday nephew quote from an aunt or uncle or even some funny poems for a nephew’s birthday, hopefully this list has you covered.

While you’re here, why not check out some of our fabulous birthday cards for a nephew below. You’re sure to find something you’ll love. Thanks for stopping by!

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