Happy Birthday Messages For Auntie

Happy Birthday Messages For Auntie

Happy Birthday Messages For Auntie

She’s the one person who would always spoil you rotten when you were younger, the one who you could turn to when you felt like running away from home, and now – she’s like the fun best friend you look forward to seeing during family get-togethers!

Aunties really are the best! They dish out useful advice, are there for the fun days out (and they’re like a big sister you can bitch and moan to about your parents!)

She really is a different kind of superhero - so, of course when her birthday comes around, you want her to know how much (if not more!) important she is than any other family member.


If you’re unsure of what to write in her birthday card, then scroll away at some of these Auntie birthday messages to give you some inspiration. 

From the funny to the heart-touching there’ll be plenty of suggestions to cater to the type of aunt she is.

Drunk Aunty Birthday Quote
Happy Birthday to the best aunty (you’re like mum but cooler! …and way more drunk!)​​

Funny Auntie Birthday Quotes

Happy Birthday to a favourite FUN-tie – you’re like a regular Aunt only more fun!

Happy Birthday to someone full of style, sass and AUNT-ITUDE

Thanks for always being a bad influence – I learned from the best!

Auntie, don’t feel bad about people guessing your age…that’s what Botox is for!

Auntie of course, you are amazing! Why else would you have such an amazing Nephew?

To an amazing, kind, thoughtful (and a little bit crazy!) auntie!

Happy Birthday to a special Aunt who’s so kind and generous… p.s. Can you lend me £50?

I’ve realised over time; I get all my crazy from you, Auntie!

Birthday Quotes For An Aunt That Loves To Party

To a Fabulous drunken Auntie… lowering the standards at a family reunion since time began!

Forget the toast, where’s the gin? Happy Birthday to an aunt who asks all the important questions in life

Happy Birthday to a special Aunt who does so much – like always making sure there’s alcohol at every occasion!

Gin Auntie Birthday Quote
Auntie, you’re always full of wise advice…and gin!​​

Auntie, it’s your birthday! So kick up your heels, paint the town red… and make sure you’re in bed by a sensible hour ‘cause you’re no longer in your twenties!

“It’s better to be full of prosecco than full of shit” – wise advice from a wise old auntie!

Inspirational Birthday Quotes For Aunt

Aunties are like second mother’s …treasured and truly loved in the same way

Aunties are …the role models that you listen to, the big sister who takes care of you, the right person you look up to, and the best friend you couldn’t live without. Thanks for being everything I needed, auntie!

Inspirational Auntie Birthday Wish
 Aunties are filled with friendship, love and just the right amount of mischief! ​​

An Aunt can give hugs like a mum, keep secrets like a sister and be like the best friend you never had!

Aunts like you are precious and few – special in many ways and loved a lot too!

Meaningful Aunt Quotes From Niece

Whenever I think of my family, I always think of you, auntie. You are and always will be a special part of the family and that’s why no one deserves a more perfect birthday than you

Because we spend so much time together and share so much with each other, we are more like sisters than auntie and niece! Wishing my beautiful Auntie, the most beautiful day!

Because you’ve been there for all the special moments of my life and every milestone throughout my journey, I feel so proud to be your Niece and I hope your birthday is as special as you are to me.

There’s no love quite like the one between an Auntie and her Niece – through time or distance they will always be kept in each other’s hearts.

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Aunt

Sending birthday wishes for a truly special auntie – the one person who smiles and laughs, listens and supports and loves with her whole heart. Hope you have a very Happy Birthday.

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Auntie
An auntie is: A friendly smile, a loving hug, a heart full of gold! Happy Birthday to a wonderful auntie.​​

Sometimes I take for granted what it means to have an auntie who’s there, no matter what – but I really don’t know what I would do without you and on your birthday, I just wanted to say thank you for everything you do for me, because it honestly means so much.

Auntie Birthday Poem

There are lots of aunts in the world, it’s true but none can be as lovely as you! so sweet and kind with a heart full of gold with so many family memories you hold, and that’s why you’re wished the happiest day – you’re an aunt who’s special in each and every way!

Aunties are fabulous, they’re stylish and fun, they make your day sparkle and shine like the sun. They’re glamourous, gorgeous and beautiful, too – that’s why I’m so glad that my auntie is you!

She’s your best friend from the start, someone who’s always by your side, she gives the biggest hugs if you’re upset and need to cry. She’s like an older sister you can count on, a mum who never tells you off, she’s like a younger, stylish grandma who sneaks you lots of treats to scoff. There are plenty of special roles an auntie will always be, so I just want to say, auntie – thanks for being all of them to me!


Whatever section of inspiration you prefer from this list, it’s clear to see from all of them, is that your auntie is more than just an auntie. She’s like all your family relatives (and friends!) rolled into one, so make sure you find a auntie birthday message that suits her perfectly

Also, while you’re here, why not have a browse of our range of funny cards and find something to make her laugh out loud!

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