Funny 1 Year Anniversary Quotes Featured

Funny 1 Year Anniversary Quotes

Funny 1 Year Anniversary Quotes

It’s your anniversary, and your first anniversary at that, you better not have forgotten. 

Make the lucky lad or lady in your life smile, snarl, or stare at you with utter contempt on your special day with over 100+ funny anniversary quote ideas to mark the 1st year of a wedding or relationship.  

Funny first anniversary quotes:

Happy 1 year anniversary, it’s been a very long 365 days. 

One year of being my girlfriend and you haven’t killed me yet, that’s love.

Happy one year anniversary! It’s too late to back out now.

Happy one year together, it felt much, much longer.

It takes some commitment to have been able to annoy me for 365 days straight. Happy 1st anniversary!

Congratulations, you’ve passed your one-year trial and I’ve decided to keep you. Happy anniversary!

Happy one year anniversary to my boyfriend. Love from the handsome boyfriend.

Love is a promise, love is a commitment, love is putting up with me for a whole year and not ending up in a mental institution. 

Happy one year anniversary to the pair of you. Your happiness makes me sick. 

It’s taken me a year but I’m still pretty certain I made the right choice; I might need a bit longer but it’s looking good for you at the minute.

One Amazing Year 1st Anniversary Quote
One amazing guy, one amazing girl, one amazing year.​​

Do you know what? I think I’ll keep you. Happy 1 year anniversary!

I like all of these anniversary presents, let’s do this again next year.  

Happy anniversary, we’ve been through a lot in our first year together and most of it was your fault. 

Happy one year anniversary, I can’t believe I’ve found somebody to annoy for the rest of my life.

Funny first wedding anniversary quotes:

You survived our first wedding anniversary; I told you I wasn’t that bad. 

Can you believe we’ve been married for an entire year? No, me neither. 

Happy first ever anniversary, we’ve both managed to tolerate each other for an entire year, this marriage thing might actually work.

Happy 1st wedding anniversary, it’s amazing you’re not bored with me yet. 

Happy wedding anniversary, 1 whole year since you made that daft decision in front of everybody in the church. 

Happy 1st wedding anniversary, I didn’t expect us to make it to the honeymoon let alone 365 days.

Happy first ever wedding anniversary! Let’s do this more often. 

Happy 1st wedding anniversary. Today will set the template for how much effort we have to put into the rest of them.

Yay, one year of marriage! I can’t believe we still like each other. 

Happy 1st wedding anniversary, I’m afraid the refund window has expired, you’re stuck with me. 

365 days of hogging the duvet, if I knew this is what it was going to be like I wouldn’t have married you. 

A first wedding anniversary is supposed to be a romantic occasion, so I apologise in advance. 

Happy 1st wedding anniversary, our marriage is maturing like a bouquet of roses, beautiful from certain angles, thorns everywhere, starting to smell a bit.

Happy first wedding anniversary, when do I get my medal?

An entire year and you still haven’t learned to put the toilet seat down. Happy one year wedding anniversary. It may be the last. 

Cute first anniversary quotes / one year together:

I couldn’t have done this year without you, thanks for being my rock.

Happy 1 year together, every day I find something that makes me love you even more than the day before. 

Happy first anniversary! Thanks for sticking with me through thick and thin, I love you.

Best Day Of My Life 1st Anniversary
One whole year since the best day of my life, happy 1st wedding anniversary. ​​

Our first wedding anniversary! One year since I made the best decision of my life. 

Happy one year anniversary to my special girlfriend, life with you is so much sweeter.

Year 1 complete, now for the rest of our lives, happy 1st wedding anniversary. 

Happy 1st anniversary to an annoyingly adorable couple.

It’s only been a year but our love story is turning out to be my favourite.

Happy 1st wedding anniversary. I can’t wait to shower you in gifts and make this the nicest day of the year. 

One year as husband and husband and it’s been the best year of my life.

A whole year since you became my wife and my entire world. Happy first wedding anniversary to the person I’ll cherish forever.  


There we have it, whether you’re looking for funny one year anniversary wishes, quotes for a first wedding anniversary or some cute anniversary wishes to celebrate your first milestone with a boyfriend or girlfriend, we’ve got you covered.

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