7 Year Anniversary Quote Copper Feel Featured

Funny 7 Year Anniversary Quotes

Funny 7 Year Anniversary Quotes

It’s your anniversary, seven years together of absolute bliss (potentially). 

So, the last thing you want to do is forget the big occasion; the big occasion being that it’s your wool/copper anniversary. 

That means something apparently. Spice up the occasion by choosing something funny from our collection of 7-year funny anniversary quotes, whether it be for your partner, husband, or wife. Go nuts.

Funny quotes for a 7-year anniversary:

Seven years we’ve been together, I didn’t realise it would go this far. 

Happy 7-year anniversary to my boyfriend, your bad habits and loud snoring would have tipped any sane person over the edge years ago. So, you’re lucky we’re both psychopaths. 

Happy anniversary babe, seven years done, only the rest of our lives to go. It’s going to be a long slog.

Happy anniversary, 7 years of abject hell.

Can you believe we’ve been together for 7 years? Only seven?

Happy 7-year anniversary to the bane of my life. 

Happy copper anniversary, cold, easily malleable, turns green over time; sounds about right.

Funny 7 Year Anniversary Quote
Happy copper anniversary to my favourite piece of cheap metal.​​

Here’s to letting me copper feel on our 7-year anniversary.

Happy 7 year still not divorced-iversary. 

Every 7 years Uranus changes its astrological position, so that’s something to look forward to as we celebrate our copper anniversary.

We’ve had seven years together and we’re still tolerating each other, I’d say that was a pretty big win.

A 7-year anniversary is a good place to pause, reflect on a marriage, look back at all the memories and contemplate why the hell we made this decision in the first place. 

Happy wool anniversary, now 7-year itch free. 

Nothing says happy 7 years of marriage like a piece of folded card.

7 Year Itch Anniversary Quote
We’ve made it through the seven-year itch​​

7 years later and I still stand by our colossally stupid decision to get married. 

Happy 7th anniversary, we’re still going strong, despite your many, many issues.

Happy 7th anniversary to my wife, it was a struggle being this perfect for 7 years but I’ll try and keep it up.

7 years of being married! Seven! You get less for armed robbery.

7-year anniversary quotes for a husband and wife:

Happy seven years together to my beautiful wife, thank you for not killing me yet. 

To my husband on our seventh anniversary, I just wanted to say; you’re lucky you’re so attractive because there’s not much else I’m sticking around for.

Long Suffering Wife Anniversary Quote
Happy 7-year anniversary to my wife, my tired, long-suffering wife​​

Happy 7th anniversary to my husband, there better be money in this card.

Happy 7th anniversary to my darling wife, pretend this says something original and romantic.

Happy seventh anniversary hubby, I’m so thankful we made it this far. There aren’t many people who could have put up with your crap for so long.

A secret to a happy marriage is doing whatever your wife says and nodding your head at every single statement she ever makes. It’s gotten me to 7 years so far.

You’ve been my husband for 7 years; can you give someone else a go now?

Property of the wife for 7 years, a little bit rusty here and there but still in an acceptable condition.

Happy 7-year anniversary to my long-suffering husband, I’m glad you decided to keep me.

Cute seventh anniversary quotes. (Warning: lots of wool puns)

Happy wool anniversary, you drive me ‘baarmy’ but I love you. 

It’s been 7 years and you’re still my favourite human. That’s quite an achievement.

There are 8 billion people on the planet and you were daft enough to choose me. Happy 7 years of being together.

Wool Shower You With Gifts
I wool make sure to shower you with gifts today. Happy wool anniversary.​​

Happy 7-year anniversary, we’re proof that the best things improve with age. 

Our marriage is the stuff of dreams on some days and the stuff of nightmares on others but we’ve lasted 7 years and I can’t wait to last many more. 

7 years together and we’re still as awesome as we were on day 1, we’re rocking this marriage thing. 

Happy wool anniversary! ‘Ewe’ still make me happy after 7 years.

Happy 7-year wool anniversary! Our marriage sets a very high ‘baa.’

Happy 7th anniversary to my darling wife, every day you fill me with happiness (and compliments, keep those coming). 

Happy wool anniversary to my husband, here’s to another stitch in our beautiful tapestry.


We hope that this list has assisted you in avoiding an anniversary calamity. Whether you’re after 7-year anniversary quotes for a wife, for a husband, partner, potted plant; whoever you want to celebrate seven years with, we’ve got you covered.

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