Happy Birthday Son Quotes & Wishes

Happy Birthday Son Quotes & Wishes

Happy Birthday Son Quotes & Wishes

From being the cheeky chappie when he was young, to a moody video game-playing teenager, to the sarcastic millennial he is today, a son is someone who specialises in being your pride and joy (as well as your own personal pain in the arse!)

But even when they annoy you at times, you know there’s no one quite like them in the whole world and when their birthday arrives each year (once you get over the disbelief that an entire year has flown by!) 

You can’t help but think about those precious, heart-touching memories of him through the years and how he should know just how important he is.

But how do you write a Birthday card that matches his energy? 

How do you let him know of his legendary status without sounding too mushy? 

Whether it’s a milestone year like his 21st and you want to fill your card message with pride or maybe you just want a simple quirky phrase, we’ve created a list of happy birthday son quotes and ideas to give you the inspiration you need.

Son Tidy Room Funny Quote
Son, because it’s your birthday you get a free pass about me asking you to tidy your room​​

Short & Simple Happy Birthday Son Wishes

Why drag it out? A simple wish or compliment can be just as effective as a lengthy sentimental message:

You deserve a birthday as awesome as you!

You’re a No1 Son

Son, on this birthday, you’ve been upgraded to LEGEND

Sending Birthday wishes for you Son – have an amazing day!

Wishing you a birthday that’s the greatest of all time!

Cakes & Candles Son Quote
Cake, candles, pressies and this awesome card! Have the ultimate birthday​​

Happy Birthday Time to celebrate and do all the things you love most 

You're 16? Sweeeet! Have a brilliant 16th Birthday

3 cheers for a jolly good Son!

Few things in life turn out perfect, but a son like you comes pretty close

I doubt there is any son more amazing than you! Have a brilliant Birthday

It’s your Birthday! Fill it with good times, adventure and one-of-a-kind memories

Funny & Sarcastic Son Birthday Wishes

If your son is the king of sarcasm, why not go down the funny route and write a message that will match his banter skills. Here are a few funny birthday wishes for a son to help you decide:

It’s your Birthday! Time to strut around in your birthday suit – No! not that one!

Son, get ready for the “fuss” that was never asked for, the celebrations you HAVE to attend, and the cake and song that makes you cringe ‘til next year!

Happy Birthday Son! Thanks for pressing “pause” on your video game long enough to read this card!

Mr Classic, Mr Ladies man, Mr Suave & Sophisticated …but enough about me – let’s talk about you!

We don’t care how much you hate it – we are going to sing 3 rounds of Happy birthday to you! Enjoy all the fuss!

Champion Son Birthday Quote
Happy Birthday to a champion Son, from the legend that gave birth to you!​​

Time to eat, sleep, chill, repeat…basically just treat this day like you usually do!

Happy Birthday to a great son who never fails to make us laugh …but enough about your fashion choices!

Son, wouldn’t want to be embarrassingly mushy or anything so this card simply says… …all the words that describe what an amazing Son you are!!! Funny, kind, smart etc

Thanks for being tech-support to two fossils like ourselves! We owe you one!

Boozy / Alcohol Son Birthday Quotes

Cheers to you – a brilliant Son!

Smile, there’s alcohol

Hope your Birthday is just like your drink… neat and a little twisted!

Time to call shots …and enjoy every round!

Happy Birthday to a son who follows his own path in life …especially if it leads to the pub!

Another shot, another round, then a faceplant to the floor – Have a boozy Birthday!

Funny Beer Birthday Quote
Why waste time reading this card when you could be drinking a beer! ​​

Beers & Banter = the only Birthday essentials you need!

On your Birthday, you start the rounds …we’ll pay you back later

You don’t have to lift a finger on your birthday …unless it’s for another pint of beer!

A Birthday opens a lot of doors …like the ones to the pub

Thankfully you’re reading this card at a time when you’re still sober enough to remember …enjoy the rest of the night!

Son, here’s some helpful advice on your 21st Birthday: 1. Have fun 2. Get people to buy you drinks 3. Play drinking games (responsibly) 4. Try to remember at least some of it! 5. The hangovers will only get worse with age!

Cute Son Birthday Wishes

Do you perhaps have a younger son? A sweet little rhyme is perfect for a cheeky monkey celebrating his 3rd or 4th Birthday:

There are just not enough words to describe the son you are, we’re proud of you each day because you’re such a little star. So have a Happy Birthday – hope you have lots of fun too, you deserve a special birthday for simply being you!

You’re amazing, you’re a star, a son that will go far, you’re extra-awesome too, so here’s some birthday cheer for you!

To a special son who’s so mischievously cute – we just can’t say no to! Get ready to be spoiled rotten!

This birthday wish is on its way to hope you have a special day

Filling this card with love and hugs especially for you, your birthday’s a special time of year – and you’re so special too!

Young Son Birthday Wishes
Hugs and cuddles, splashing in puddles, and having lots of fun – You’re a special little boy, so hope your birthday’s a happy one​​

With the biggest wish you can think of, and lots of pressies galore! You’re a son who deserves it all because you couldn’t be loved more!

You’re super adorable, cuddly and sweet, you deserve a day of smiles and to be spoiled a lot with treats

Sweet, baby son, you’re so loved and adored, and you’re growing up so fast you won’t be little any more. but with every birthday year, you’ll get a message just to say, you’re a blessing to our lives and it will always be that way

Smile, giggle dance and play… have the sweetest, happiest birthday!

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Teenage Son Birthday Quotes

Ahh the teenage years! Hard to please, moody on the best of days and a time where parents need a medal for putting up with it. So here are a few themes and ideas that will help your son smile a little more (and maybe cringe too!):

Young enough to make fun of old people, not quite old enough to drink yet!

I know you’re not a morning person that’s why I thought I’d wake you up with this card …and start singing very loudly to you

A Son like you would probably want to keep things “cool” for today …so Happy Birthday to the super amazing fantastically brilliant ultra-amazing son that we love soooo much! p.s. we don’t care about your embarrassment!

When you get older no one asks what your favourite power ranger is…it’s tragic - enjoy youth while you can!

13th Birthday Quote Son
You now have a licence to be moody – Happy 13th Birthday​​

Officially a teenager! Now time to perfect that bad attitude!

You know you’re a teenager when you look for the money in a card first, then read the card second.

It’s your 16th Birthday! And guess what? You’re still not an adult!

Happy 19th Birthday – this is your one-year notice that your teens are about to expire!

Eat, sleep, tiktok, repeat

To a Spectacular Son, king of the video games, ruler of Wi-Fi and never known without his phone!

We have a code 14 Alert! Happy 14th Birthday

You’ve now reached level 15! Happy 15th Birthday Have a next-level Birthday

Son, you’re on a whole other level! Keep winning at life!

Questions you should ask on your Birthday: Where’s the games console? Where’s the snacks? Where’s the chair? …’cause it’s time to relax!

Birthday Quotes For Grown Up Son

When you wave goodbye to your twenties, the ageing jokes start to come in thick and fast! 

If your son is celebrating his 30th or upwards, why not remind him of the wrinklesgrey hairs and bald spots these glorious years will have in store for him!

I won’t be making jokes about how old you are, you’ve reached the age where it’s genuinely not funny anymore

Just remember the bigger than candles, the bigger the wish …and bigger the fire extinguisher too!

A little bit older and a little bit odder!

Age Wisdom Quote
With age comes wisdom…and socks with sandals!​​

You’ve now reached the age where you’ll start to find my dad-jokes funny

What goes up but never comes down? Your Age!

I’d say you were ageing gracefully but given the state of your twenties I think we both know that’s not going to happen!

Son, it’s time to drink to forget how old you are!

You don’t get older… …you just get more awesome!

It’s amazing to think we were so proud of you growing up, now we’re just laughing about how old you’re getting!

You know you’re getting older when the candles don’t fit on the cake anymore!

You’re old enough to know better now, son – but you’re still young enough not to care!

Proud Quotes For Son

At the end of the day, a son will always fill your heart with pride no matter the stage of his life, and his birthday can be the perfect chance to remind him of the things he has achieved. 

He may have become a new father, graduated from university, or reached a certain goal. Why not show your love with a heart touching son quote:

Son, it brings me so much happiness watching you grow — learning about who you really are, seeing you reach for your dreams… …and discovering how much more amazing you’re becoming with every birthday. Always be proud of the special person you are, I know I am

If you knew how much your family was proud of you, then you’d know how much you deserve the most wonderful Birthday

You make moments shared with your family mean so much, that’s why today I hope you know, that wherever life takes you, you have people who love you more than words can say

It’s the little things you do, the kind and thoughtful things you say that make me so proud to have raised a son like you

You’ve been a blessing from the start, a special son I love with all my heart

Happy Birthday to the one who stole my heart and kept it all these years

Seeing you become a dad reminds me how beautiful the journey has been. My life truly began on the day you were born and I couldn’t be prouder watching you experience the exact same feeling

My little boy yesterday, my friend today, my son forever

Parents are rarely perfect, but when I look at you son, I know that I got something in my life perfectly right

Whatever message type you choose, we hope it’s inspired you to get creatively thinking about what card he would like to receive. 

If he is obsessed with a certain sport or hobby, it might be the perfect time to mention it.

Or better yet, if he’s the pranking type, why not get revenge and lure him into a false, loving sentiment on the outside of the card then a “JUST KIDDING!” greeting on the inside?

There are many areas and themes you can choose from, so feel free to browse our selection of funny Son cards and let him know in your own way just how much he’s appreciated.

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