Happy Birthday Wishes For Daughter Ideas

Happy Birthday Wishes For Daughter

Happy Birthday Wishes For Daughter

She’ll fill your heart with love, empty your bank account (and maybe even drive you a little bit crazy!) But there is no one in the world who means so much as a daughter. 

From those very first memories of when she was born to watching her grow and reach special milestones, her birthday serves not only as a reminder that time really does fly, but it’s also the perfect chance to let her know just how important she is.

So, how do you craft the perfect birthday message for her card? Whether it’s a celebratory year like her 18th, 21st or 30th or an emotional birthday wish letting her know how proud you are of her, we’ve created a list of inspirational ideas for you to perfect that meaningful send.

Short & Snappy Birthday Quotes For A Daughter

A little can say a lot. Keep it concise by choosing a simple wish or compliment:


Happy Birthday to a Super incredible one-of-kind daughter

You’ve not just grown up… you’ve glow-ed up! Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Daughter

Happy 19th Birthday Daughter – birthday queen and last year of the teens!

Today’s your day to shine! So celebrate, make memories and sparkle!

Wishing you the perfect day, complete with a gorgeous outfit, fabulous pressies and a great big cake!

Wishing you an amazing year that sparkles just as much as you!

Another year older but no less fabulous!

21 amazing years of you! Have an incredible 21st Birthday

Welcome to the fabulous years Daughter!

Sweet 16, hope your day is an absolute dream!

Hope your birthday is the icing on the cake!

Humour - Funny Birthday Quotes For Daughter

If you prefer the funny route, sharing some banter between you is a great way to highlight your unique relationship:                

Happy Birthday to an amazing Daughter…you’re still not getting a pony!

Happy Birthday to a daughter who never forgets a single moment …because it’s all uploaded to Instagram!

Having a daughter is like having a broke best friend who thinks you’re rich

Happy Birthday to our first-born daughter…we probably should have stopped with you!

Years of sulking have turned that face into the perfect selfie pout! Have a picture-perfect birthday!

Thanks for always listening (and rolling your eyes) at my embarrassing Dad jokes!

Diva for a day! (so, just like any other day really!)

Enjoy a day of celebrating – although we all know it’s really called a “Birthday month” with you

Dear daughter, thanks for putting up with a spoilt, messy brat like your father

Thanks for taking the time to look down from your phone to read this card!

Daughter, you can never have enough birthdays… or clothes, or shoes, or makeup or cake!

Happy Birthday to the Birthday Queen! From your loyal peasants (aka Mum & Dad!)

Thanks for making me look like a good parent! (I owe you one!)

Birthday toasts / alcohol related

If it’s a special milestone birthday like her 18th or 21st, a celebratory “cheers!” message could just be the perfect sentiment to draw focus to her day. 

Whether it’s a simple toast or just flat-out humour, it’s the perfect chance to bring on the party vibe:

Sip sip hooray! Have a Fizz-tastic Birthday

Hope your birthday is as bubbly as you!

Why waste time reading this card when you could be drinking prosecco?

Happy 18th to a Gin-credible Daughter -it’s great that I can now drink with you instead of because of you!

If your birthday doesn’t have a glass of champagne next to your cake – you’re doing it wrong!

You’re at the age where you’re bound to make “pour” choices

On your Birthday just remember… …the hangovers only get worse with age so enjoy every glass while you can!

Today is all about You! (And champagne!) Cheers!

Let the Partying Be-gin!

Daughter – Queen of the cocktails

At least prosecco will help you forget how old you are!


A sweet little rhyme is perfect, especially for a younger daughter celebrating her 1st or 2nd Birthday:

You’re a daughter who brings sunshine that brightens up a day, filled with love and kindness, you chase grey clouds away

You’ll always be my little princess, no matter what age you are

From your very first steps and watching you grow you’re a daughter who’s loved much more than you know!

Sweet, baby daughter, you’re so loved and adored, and you’re growing up so fast you won’t be little any more. but with every birthday year, you’ll get a message just to say, you’re a blessing to our lives and it will always be that way

Here’s a big hug for you because you’ve turned two! Happy 2nd Birthday

Smile, giggle, dance and twirl – let’s celebrate you - the Birthday Girl!

You’re our perfect little princess and we’re super proud of you for learning, playing and growing each day, there isn’t anything you can’t do! So have the sweetest birthday – no daughter deserves it more as we look forward to the moments the years will have in store

So loveable, cuddly, smiley and sweet, you’re a daughter who’s deserves the nicest of treats! Happy Birthday with lots of hugs and kisses

Sending magical birthday wishes for a special little girl

It’s time for presents, playing games and having lots of fun, it’s time for cake and party bags and making today a special one! Happy Birthday

Inspirational Birthday Quotes For Daughter

What does your daughter mean to you? and how does she inspire you each day? A simple yet inspirational quote might just make the perfect birthday card:

A Daughter is the universe’s way of saying “thought you could use a lifelong friend”

Diamonds shine, but Daughters are forever

Daughters leave a little sunshine wherever they go

A daughter is someone who steals your heart forever

No one in this world could love their daughter as much as I love you

You never know how much love your heart can hold until you have a daughter

Daughters are like precious gemstones; you treasure them with all your heart

A Daughter is like staring at a beautiful reflection in a mirror

A friendship with a daughter is something that grows stronger with time until you realise, you’re more alike than you think

The greatest gift in the world is a daughter

They may outgrow your arms, but they’ll never outgrow your heart

Daughters may not realise this, but they are the reason behind many smiles, joyful moments and the feeling of pride no one else can bring


Do you love spending time with your daughter the same way you would a best friend? Why not talk about the special moments you’ve shared together to let her know you’re thankful for her friendship:

Always my daughter, forever my friend

Who needs a best friend when you have a daughter?

My daughter is either my best friend or my worst nightmare – there is no in between!

Sharing a mother-daughter moment is basically the same as a best friend moment!

Daughters will love you like a best friend …and they’ll annoy you like one too!

I’ll always be a shoulder to lean on when you need support, I’ll always offer advice whenever you need a friend to talk to and I’ll only ever be a phone call away – Happy Birthday Daughter

I know you’ll always be here for me like I am here for you and I know you’ll always be able to tell me anything just like I can do the same, because no matter the time or distance between us, I know how lucky I am to have a friend in a daughter like you

There is no best friend quite like a daughter and there is no daughter quite like you

When I think of all the lovely times we’ve shared; the spa days, the afternoon teas, the shopping trips, I feel so lucky to have a daughter who’s also my best friend!

I look forward to our catch ups, and spending time with you and I’m so thankful for our friendship and a lovely daughter like you

A Daughter is someone special, and your love will have no end, but what you find out through the years is she grows up to be your friend, so when you celebrate her birthday, you’re celebrating everything you share, because no matter how much time goes by that special bond will always be there

Even though you steal my clothes, my makeup and ask for a lift or a tenner every now and then, I wouldn’t change you for the world …because at the end of the day, daughter, you are the best friend I could ever ask for!

Messages of Gratitude

Do you have an older / more mature daughter who shows her kindness and compassion through the everyday things she does for you? why not show your thanks in your card to her:

I thank my lucky stars for an amazing Daughter like you!

There are a million reasons to feel thankful for a daughter like you, and a million more to wish you a happy birthday

Sending a loving birthday wish to let you know how appreciated you are by those who love you, because you’re an amazing Daughter and I don’t know what we’d do without you

Happy Birthday to the loveliest Daughter there ever could be – I’m so grateful you’re in my life!

You are the light of my life - thank you for making me proud each day

Thank you for making me a dad – it truly is the greatest gift!

You turned out brilliant, Daughter, thanks for being ours!

Looking back on your childhood memories, you always had a kind heart from the day you were born, and even though it gets a little overwhelming seeing how much you’ve grown, I’m just so thankful to see you become the wonderful person you were always meant to be

Heartfelt Emotional Birthday Wishes For Daughter

A daughter’s birthday can be an emotional time – she may have become a new mum, graduated from university or reached a certain goal. 

Show your love and appreciation with a sentimental message:

Having a daughter like you means having someone to be proud of each and every day, and celebrating your 30th Birthday means celebrating the wonderful woman you’ve grown into.

Life is beautiful because I have a beautiful daughter

Seeing how much you’ve achieved, how much you’re loved by those around you brings a special kind of joy only a parent can know.

You’re a beautiful daughter inside and out and you deserve nothing less than an amazing 50th Birthday.

Happy Birthday to the one who stole my heart and kept it all these years

There are daughters who make the world a happier place to be, there are daughters who do things to make their families proud, and then there are daughters like you, amazing in all those ways and so much more

The happiness we're wishing you with all our love and pride could never be measured, because to tell you how much we love you, means realising there will never be enough words to describe it all

May happiness be at the heart of everything you do, your dreams wait patiently before you and your birthday will be everything you're wishing for

You’ve always been a special daughter, and now it’s lovely seeing you as a wonderful mum too!

From holding you in our arms to watching you experience the exact same feeling as a new mum, your birthday is a reminder of how beautiful the journey has been.

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