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Funny 10 Year Anniversary Quotes

Funny 10 Year Anniversary Quotes

A tenth wedding anniversary should be a period of celebration, so wipe those tears away; yes you’re getting older, yes time goes by so quickly but cheer yourself up it’s a day of love and joy and copious amounts of alcohol. 

Find the right words for your significant other on this most momentous of milestones (a whole decade wow). 

Whether you’re looking for funny anniversary phrases for a husband, 10th year anniversary for a wife or just wanting to say a happy 10-year anniversary to a partner, we’ve got something for you.

Funny 10th anniversary quotes:

Happy tin anniversary to my absolute tin out of tin. Yes, that was awful.

Happy tin anniversary to my favourite rusty piece of metal.

Happy 10th anniversary, a whole decade of putting up with my crap.

10 Year Stretch Anniversary Quote
Happy anniversary to the best ten-year stretch I’ve ever completed.​​

True love is spending an entire decade with someone and not having thought about a way to kill them yet.

Happy 10-year anniversary, you make me the happiest woman alive, when you’ve got your mouth shut.

Happy 10th anniversary, thank you for tolerating me for this long.

Happy 10-year anniversary of the best decision you ever made.

10 Years Of Bliss Anniversary Wishes
10 years of hell absolute bliss. Happy anniversary.​​

I said I’ll give it a year, then I said 2, then 5 and now here we are on 10. Happy anniversary you idiot. 

I was trying to think of a cute tenth anniversary message but I don’t have a single romantic bone in my body.

A tenth anniversary is a momentous occasion so here’s a piece of folded card.

We’re ten years on and you still haven’t smothered me in my sleep. True love. 

Happy 10-year anniversary, you’re officially stuck with me.

Happy anniversary, ten years in love; only another couple to go before I trade you in for a younger model.

Happy ten-year anniversary, we’re an odd match but we’ve lasted this long so we must be doing something right.

Dog Years Anniversary Quote
Happy ten-year anniversary my darling, in dog years we’d probably both be dead by now.​​

Happy 10 years together! If I had a pound for every time you’ve said you love me, I’d have at least been able to afford a slightly bigger anniversary card.

It’s hard to find a person who is gorgeous, funny, and outrageously intelligent so it’s lucky you’ve had me for the past 10 years.

Ten whole years of being a right pair of idiots. Happy anniversary. 

I had ten blissfully happy years, and then I met you. Happy tenth anniversary.

10th wedding anniversary quotes for husband and wife:

Happy tenth wedding anniversary! Let’s be nice to each other this year. It's a big one. 

Since we said ‘I do’ ten years ago, we’ve had two kids, moved house, brought a car, a dog, endless nappies. Turns out it was a bloody expensive ‘I do’.

Not Been Counting Anniversary Quote 10 Year
We’ve been married for 315,360,000 seconds. Not that I’ve been counting.​​

Happy 10th wedding anniversary, I couldn’t have done it without you. God knows I’ve wanted to at times.

It’s been a decade since we got married. An entire…. decade.

I have renewed our marriage contract and signed you up for another ten years. 

Ten years of marriage deserves a celebration (and a stiff drink).

Happy ten-year wedding anniversary to the best mistake I ever made

Ten years ago, we both said I do. What a stupid decision that was.

Happy tenth wedding anniversary, you’ll be glad to know I’m not bored of you yet.

Happy 10th wedding anniversary! We’ve been together through thick and thin. I’m the thick, you’re the thin.

Happy anniversary, 10 years of me being a supreme husband. 

Happy 10th anniversary to my wife. The secret of a happy marriage is doing everything you tell me to with zero hesitation. 

Happy tin anniversary to a very special wife, let’s hope you’re not feeling like a cold, hollow piece of metal.

Anniversary Quote For Long Suffering Wife
Happy one decade anniversary to my long-suffering wife.​​

Happy 10th anniversary to my husband, a man brave enough to know exactly what you were letting yourself in for but doing it anyway.

To my husband on our tenth anniversary. Our wedding day was a whole decade ago and I still remember every second of it. Who could forget how rough you looked standing in that church? 

It’s time for your annual psych evaluation as we enter year 10 of you still being my husband.

Happy 10 years of marriage to my hubby, you’re lucky I’m not someone who notices the wrinkles and grey hair.


If we’ve learned anything here it’s that funny 10 – year anniversary wishes aren’t hard to come by, pick one from the list above and cheer up, romance, or insult the very special recipient or recipients on their happy 10-year anniversary.

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