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Funny 20 Year Anniversary Quotes (China)

Funny 20 Year Anniversary Quotes (China)

It’s someone's 20th anniversary! 

A relationship spanning 20 years is obviously a special one, and something to be taken very seriously. 

So why not do that very thing by being downright disrespectful to the lucky lad or lady with these funny 20th year anniversary quotes below?

Funny 20-year anniversary quotes:

Happy 20-year anniversary, it’s felt like it.


7,305 days and counting, and I am counting. Every single second.

Happy anniversary! 20 years done, how long left now?

No Brutal Murder 20 Year Anniversary Quote
Two decades together and no brutal murder yet. I call that a result.​​

Happy 20th anniversary you total spanner.

To my best friends on your 20th anniversary, your happiness makes me sick. 

Happy 20-year anniversary to you wrinkly pair, have a good one. 

20 years together is a milestone to applaud, I honestly didn’t expect to be able to put up with you for so long.

Happy 20th year together. 20 years of listening to you snore like a dying hippopotamus. Sort it out.

Out of all the weirdos chasing me 20 years ago, you were most certainly the weirdest. Happy anniversary you freak.

20 years later and you’re still the best thing I ever said yes to. 

Together for 20 years; that’s 240 months, over a thousand weeks, more than 7000 days…when the hell are you going to propose to me? 

Congratulations to the happy couple on your 20th anniversary, we thought you’d have dumped him years ago.

I’ve been in love for 20 years and in annoyance for 19.

Funny 20-year wedding anniversary quotes:

Are you sure we’ve been married for 20 years? It feels a lot longer.

20 years of being married to me. I don’t know whether to be impressed or concerned about your state of mind.

Happy 20-year wedding anniversary to the love of my life. This very, very long life. 

Congratulations on 20 years of tolerating each other marital bliss.

Happy 20th anniversary, it’s been quite a while since I married you, is it time to give someone else a go now?

We have reached year 20 since our wedding and you’ll be happy to know I’ve only regretted it a handful of times.

Dragged Down The Aisle Wedding Anniversary Quote
It’s been two decades since you dragged me down that aisle. I’m glad you did.​​

Happy 20th wedding anniversary, two ‘I do’s’, three kids, two pets, one house, a crap load of expenses. God, it’s been a rough old time. 

20 years ago, I married the love of my life, you’ve wrinkled a bit since then but you’ll still do.

Funny 20-year anniversary quotes for husband:

Happy 20-year anniversary hubby. Here’s to two decades of faking it in bed.

I tried to find some romantic 20th anniversary wishes for a husband but none of them did you justice. They were all talking about handsome, good-looking men.

Happy anniversary to a special husband, we’ve been through some crap these past 20 years so I’m so glad I’ve got you by my side, to give me even more crap. 

Happy 20th anniversary husband, I’ve enjoyed irritating you these past decades, there’s more of that to come so buckle in.

Funny 20-year anniversary quotes for wife:

Happy 20th anniversary to my wife, you look just as beautiful as the day I met you. Only there’s more wrinkles now and your hair’s greying. 

Happy 20 years of marriage to my wife, the secret to a happy marriage is knowing what you like in bed. The lights off and no snoring.

Happy 20th anniversary to my darling wife, behind every great woman there’s a man who’s got absolutely no clue what he’s doing.

20th Wedding Anniversary Quote For Wife
Happy 20th anniversary to my wife. You’re not looking too bad for 20 years stuck with me.​​

China wedding anniversary quotes:

Happy china anniversary. Don’t get your hopes up, there’s no holiday I’m talking about the plates and stuff.

Happy china anniversary, you’re quite dishy and I’m still absolutely potty for you. You’re definitely still my cup of tea. That’s enough now.

Happy china anniversary! Cold, full of cracks, chipped in places and doesn’t get used very often? Sounds about right. 

To a special couple on your china anniversary, you’ve got 20 years worth of therapy material for when it all goes tits up.

China Anniversary Quote
Happy china anniversary to someone who makes me want to break lots of plates​​

Happy china anniversary: a little bit of polish and I’m sure you’d buff up well.

Happy 20th anniversary darling, I wouldn’t give you up for all the tea in China. (That’s a china anniversary joke).

Happy 20th anniversary, there’s no finer china than you.


So, we have reached the end of our journey and what have we learned? 

Well, for one there’s obviously no limit to how many times I can tell a bad pun about china; and secondly, that there are many ways to spice up those happy 20th anniversary wishes to offend and insult the very lucky, loved-up lad or ladette in your life.

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