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Anniversary Wishes For Boyfriend Funny

Anniversary Wishes For Boyfriend Funny

An anniversary message for a boyfriend doesn’t have to be a soppy, loved up declaration of romance and commitment, it can be funny too (and downright offensive). 

Think, a 90’s comedy film or anything that comes out of Miriam Margolyes’ mouth. 

So, do me a favour and throw those heartfelt anniversary wishes out of the window and come to the dark side instead.

Funny anniversary messages for a boyfriend:

I love you boyfriend, imagine this card contains a funny anniversary message.

To my sickeningly adorable boyfriend on our anniversary.

Happy anniversary my special boyfriend, thanks for the hugs, the kisses, the support, the annoying habits, the smells, the duvet thieving, the bad life decisions and all the other crap.

Love my boyfriend more than pizza quote
I love my boyfriend more than pizza and I bloody love pizza.​​

Happy anniversary to my boyfriend. The best man who’s ever made a tit out of themselves awkwardly chatting me up. 

As far as cute anniversary wishes for a boyfriend go, this one’s going to be pretty crap.

Happy anniversary boyfriend, I’m not sick of you yet.

Happy anniversary to the man I agreed to spend my life with for some inexplicable reason.

Happy anniversary to a boyfriend who doesn’t know how lucky he is to have me.

I can’t believe you’ve been my boyfriend for this long. You were only supposed to be a one-night thing.

Boyfriend, my love for you is a bit like the stock market. Dips a bit now and then but when it spikes it’s great. 

Happy anniversary to a special boyfriend. If I had a penny for how much I love you I’d have at least enough to buy a decent meal. No dessert though. 

To my boyfriend on our anniversary
To my boyfriend on our anniversary. You put the rage into raging homosexual.​​

Nothing says happy anniversary to a boyfriend like a cheap piece of folded card.

Happy anniversary to my boyfriend, you’re the light of my life, quite dim. 

I’m so glad we met, someone had to snap you up I suppose. Happy anniversary boyfriend.

I’m going to shower my boyfriend with love on our anniversary. You, however, are getting sent this card. 

To my boyfriend on our anniversary. Out of all the guys you could have chosen, I'm glad you picked this weirdo. 

Happy anniversary to the guy brave enough to put up with all my craziness. 

You brighten up my day, like a volcano; absolute explosive abandon and I’m left feeling all hot and bothered when it’s over.

Funny first anniversary wishes for a boyfriend (ish, a 2-year anniversary is also special).

Happy first anniversary to the very annoying bloke I fell in love with. 

Happy first anniversary boyfriend, I think I might keep you. 

Happy 1 year anniversary to my boyfriend. Thanks for not running away screaming.

To my boyfriend on our 1-year anniversary. Now your free trial has ended, how do you feel about carrying on this subscription?

To my boyfriend on our first anniversary, you drive me absolutely barmy but at my age I’m not going to find anything better.

Happy one year anniversary to my boyfriend. In dog years it’s been bloody ages.

2-year anniversary quotes for a boyfriend are hard to come by, so…thanks for being the same as year one I guess?

Happy 2-year anniversary to my boyfriend!  Here’s to being stuck with each other forever.

Happy 2nd anniversary from one big gay boyfriend to the other. 

You’ve been my boyfriend for two years. Two years too long for me.

Rude anniversary wishes for a boyfriend:

Happy anniversary to the guy I’ve tried my hardest not to murder all year.

Happy anniversary to my scary boyfriend. There’s something in your trousers that really puts the willies up me. 

Life is great since we decided to date. You’ve been filled with glee since you got with me. It’s always fun when I’m filled with c-ompliments and sincere lovely anniversary greetings from my boyfriend.

I was trying to find a cute anniversary card for a boyfriend but then remembered you’re a knob.​​

Happy first anniversary boyfriend. 365 days of you getting on my tits. In more ways than one.

Happy anniversary to the gay hook-up who just wouldn’t leave.

Happy anni_ersary to my fella, you’ll get the V later.

I love my boyfriend with all of my heart. (When you’re not being a twat).

I love you for your sparkling personality. Not your penis.

Happy anniversary to a special boyfriend, thanks for another year of best effort but ultimately disappointing sex.


There you go, whether it’s a funny one-year anniversary quote for a boyfriend you’re after, you’re feeling cheeky and want to send a funny anniversary card to your boyfriend or perhaps your special someone deserves an offensive anniversary message; we’ve got you covered.

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